Discover how easy it is to be more peaceful & relaxed every single day,
As you easily learn an original process of “Spiritual Linguistics”
And quickly develop a new and lasting habit of thinking
That builds optimism and trust in the way life works.

Sound too simple? Too good to be true?

Maybe you’ve been on a spiritual path for decades, or maybe not ever--consciously. Either way, you find that you get stuck in ways of thinking and feeling about situations, relationships, life challenges that have your mind racing, your heart beating too fast and your level of worry through the roof. Sleepless nights, a knot in your stomach, headaches, jittery nerves, bad moods that last and last, and obsessing about how you should be trying to control things a whole lot more in your life.

Maybe you’ve tried meditation, relaxation, over-the-counter anxiety remedies, drink or eat too much, read a bunch of self-help books, and still are not finding the way out of this kind of emotional suffering and actual PAIN!!

And you can’t remember the last time you relaxed enough to be truly happy.

Does this sound like you lately? Please keep reading because I have created something that will work wonders to change things quickly and permanently for you. My original program of *SPIRITUAL LINGUISTICS* that you will learn in this course, is what my private clients pay thousands of dollars for.

And while you cannot put a price tag on deep peace of mind and inner joy, you will most certainly get a lot more than you actually pay for with this course!

Take it from me, Janice Masters, Spiritual Coach & Empowerment Mentor, because it’s exactly what got ME out of the cycle of suffering and pain I was in!!

“WHAT IF…? has expanded my mind in unbelievable ways. I no longer feel like a victim, but know I have chosen my life path. I think about things differently now, I’ve done a lot of forgiving, and I love how that frees me!” ~Sue, Florida

A welcoming audio message from Jan

Hi, I’m Jan Masters, the Everyday Joy Coach.

Not that long ago, I was suffering deep, wrenching emotional pain, and I blamed my suffering on the people, situations, circumstances, and events in my life. I felt like a victim and I was hurting BIG time. My stomach was constantly in knots. My younger child was in deep emotional distress and was acting out in self-destructive ways. I actually feared for his life.

My older one distanced herself from the problems and seemed to be blaming me for them. The ‘perfect family’ illusion wasn’t holding up, things were spinning out of control, people I love with all my heart were in pain and alienated from each other, and I was in chaos l about what to do about it all. I was feeling angry, guilty, powerless, and very sad.

My husband said that he could see the obsessive thoughts already running in my head as soon as I woke up each morning. Even when I was taking my daily walks or bike rides that ordinarily brought me so much joy and satisfaction, I was obsessing about what to do and who to blame, grieving over what could have been, praying desperately for a miracle, and feeling awful with no inner peace at all.

I kept thinking: ME? US? NOW? THIS? NO!! It was a nightmare. And I’m far from a beginner on the path of spiritual awakening.

During that profoundly life-altering period I searched to find a solution because I simply wasn’t willing to keep suffering with the same old beliefs and thoughts that had gotten me there in the first place.

I used every spiritual principle I’d ever learned, held my own feet to the fire, and took responsibility for changing myself from the inside-out.

Eventually, I combined all of the most effective elements into a powerful system.


The Quantum Question “WHAT IF…” from the first book I had published the year before became central to this system. What I once saw as simply a beautiful book with interesting and provocative spiritual questions had transformed into a powerful healing instrument.

These questions and the invitation to peace they each hold were pulling me back from the brink of depression, anguish and despair on a daily basis. They became a reliable, sturdy lifeline that kept me tethered to what I KNEW was true. And my ego battled me every step of the way.

I knew I was in a process of spiritual awakening. My soul was evolving through old wounds, issues and patterns, activating and eventually healing and releasing them, and knowing that gave me hope on the darkest days.

This system of changing my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings and ultimately, my REALITY, truly transformed me… and saved my life! And through this, I eventually saw my family members heal and become whole and connected to each other once again.

This system gave ME back to me, but a more peaceful, joyful version of ME. A version of ME who is no longer thrown off balance and into emotional chaos by unwanted situations. I learned that taking the path of least resistance is not a ‘cop out’ but is the way to allow change to happen without forcing it.

I learned that ‘going with the flow’ was much kinder and more respectful of me and everyone else—and allowed me to be peaceful. I learned a way of accepting that just because many things are out of my control, I don’t have to spin out into anxiety or despair.

I learned to understand and ‘repurpose’ my ego so I could follow the wisdom of my heart and soul. I realized that nothing is more important than me feeling GOOD. And if I am able to be happier, I’ll attract more of all kinds of success into my life!

“I find that by focusing on the WHAT IF…? question and photo, my perspective starts to shift. It's the perfect catalyst for meditation and a WONDERFUL way to start each day!” ~Ruth, Tennessee

It’s Time To Claim Your Joy, Peace Of Mind, And Satisfaction
With Your Inner, As Well As Your Outer Life!

When we’re feeling unhappy and disconnected from ourselves, we tend to bury those feelings in overeating, medicating with all kinds of substances, over-exercising, working too much, and other compulsive behaviors that only make things worse. We blame others—circumstances and people---and tell ourselves that everybody feels this way….but that’s NOT true.

And NOW is the time to change all that.

Maybe you’ve read a library’s worth of books, listened to a million audios, and even gone to workshops and trainings trying to feel better--and you still aren’t getting the results you want. If so, then I have a powerful new solution that will change that.

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"no matter how much pain you're in... no matter how low, how hurt, how hopeless, how consumed by anger, how bitter, how fearful, or how awful you feel, the potential to experience peace and happiness never goes away, just as clouds in the sky can eclipse the sun but not destroy it, so too can fear and pain eclipse your happiness but not destroy it.

The potential for happiness is with you permanently. Happiness is just a thought away."
~Happiness NOW! by Robert Holden, PhD

Millions of people around the world are undergoing a spiritual awakening right now. They’re dealing with chronic old problems, and unexpected new challenges for only one reason---to ‘force’ them to WAKE UP to live a new kind of life of peace and happiness!

“WHAT IF…? provides an avenue out of negative feelings into the larger world of hope. For me, depending on my current situation, there is always at least one question and photograph which has the power to help me move…from a troubled place into an optimistic one. The end result for me is invariably an upward spiral into effective action and immediate improvement.” ~Edith, Virginia

For more than 30 years I’ve been helping individuals just like you to overcome habits and patterns that don’t get them what they really want, deep down. I’ve been helping them to WAKE UP, throw off the old ways and experience more Joy and Peace and True Happiness. I’ve been teaching them about the Law of Attraction and how powerful their thoughts are in creating their personal reality.

Just like you, they had created wonderful and impressive success in various areas of their lives. Some were recognized in their fields. Many had even achieved most of what they once dreamed of.

They knew they should feel satisfied, grateful and content. And yet, underneath it all, they were feeling unhappy, anxious, depressed, empty, and disappointed in themselves.

You may already know how to create great outer success…now it’s time to do the INSIDE JOB of finding peace of mind and true, genuine happiness and satisfaction. It’s time to live life the way you always hoped it could be.

Seeing what works for my clients and what has worked for me to consciously create a happier, more peaceful life--no matter what’s going on--has inspired me to create this amazing system that will teach you exactly how to claim the power to choose the thoughts that make you feel GOOD!

When YOU feel good, everything in your life responds. Have you noticed that? The better you feel, the better life gets.

Happier people seem to attract other happy people and happy situations. You think it might be luck, but you know it isn’t.

It’s about how you feel, how you vibrate, and how the world responds to you based on that vibration. Like attracts like. It really is just that simple! You see, intuitively, you really understand how the Law of Attraction works.

But it’s not about being naïve, ignoring reality, and relying on positive thinking. This is really about spiritual optimism--the inner knowing that even when things in your life are not perfect, you really can be more peaceful while doing whatever possible to improve them, and awaiting, expecting and attracting an ultimately good outcome.

With the power of WHAT IF…? you’ll be able to do that…and even ‘live in’ the thoughts and feelings and vibration of that good outcome…while you go through the process!

“Simple and deep at the same time, “What If…?” embraces and celebrates the path of life. It lovingly invites the soul to connect to the infinite love of the universe by inviting the understanding that all is perfect, all is an opportunity when we open our hearts to see it. Thanks for sharing the light, and contributing to planting love and peace around the world.” ~Helene, Florida

Overall, you’ll shift your thinking to joy and peace and success in the NOW, in no time at all!

Are you ready to be guided on a new path where we replace the negative thoughts and beliefs that are bringing you down and release the positive energy inside you?

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Only $27, a savings of over $50

What are the priceless benefits you will get from this system of shifting your thoughts, beliefs and feelings?

Here are just a few:

1. The ability to take control of your thoughts by using the ‘revolving door’ of thought transformation to change the ones that are in effect ‘driving the bus’ and make a joyful, fulfilling, successful life your NEW reality

2. A spiritual tool box to draw from when you feel stressed, frustrated, angry, powerless, or out-of-control that will provide the bridge to come back to peace, emotional stability, and the perspective that feeling good is possible even when things are far from perfect on the outside.

3. A program of meditation and other spiritual practices which will provide scientifically proven mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits.

4. The ability to investigate, express, ‘try on for size’ and very quickly and easily shift your thoughts and feelings toward spiritual optimism.

5. The realization that all the answers you need for spiritual and emotional growth and success are inside of YOU—and powerful quantum questions to help you tap into them.

6. My expertise and wisdom to guide your journey to achieving more of who you truly want to be.

7. More trust and spiritual optimism about how life always unfolds for your highest good.

8. The clarity to make your Inner Peace your highest priority and find fulfillment from the Inside Out

9. The ability to create deep and lasting changes in the most important areas of your life.

10. The understanding of how to use the Quantum Questioning Process to shift your mindset and energy in 60 seconds….or less.

Here’s what you get as a member of the radical, energy-shifting Transform with WHAT IF…? Home Study Program:

Unlimited 24/7 anytime-access to the entire program so you can work with it at your convenience.

Original Quantum WHAT IF…? Questions that will challenge your limiting thoughts and beliefs and quickly improve the way you perceive and relate to yourself, others and life

Original beautiful color photos of the natural world accompanying each Quantum Question to easily engage and entertain your conscious mind while your subconscious mind opens to new, more optimistic beliefs that work much better for you in your life

25 spiritual lessons on metaphysical principles and the spiritual wisdom of the ages to help you understand what it will cost you to stay stuck where you are, and what you stand to gain by opening to a more optimistic life experience.

Five live experience-altering audio guided meditations for naturally connecting with your Inner Being, accessing your highest personal wisdom, and finding peace and relaxation whenever you want.

Five inspiring flash movies that speak to your Soul in ways that spark the ring of truth inside of you, to reassure you that you’re on the right path to your happiness.

Instruction in time-honored spiritual practices encouraging you toward habits of deep peace, emotional stability, and lasting personal change

Quotes from outstanding spiritual teachers and authors in both text and audio formats accompanying each and every spiritual lesson, to provide instant inspiration

Your own private online journal area for questions, exercises, exploration, lessons, and personal insights--and for ‘rocking back and forth’ with your thoughts and feelings until stuckness easily gives way to openness and peace of mind

My personal recommendations for resources to support you on your path to a happier life.

Free updates for as long as I offer this program.

“I just let myself soak in the wisdom of the WHAT IF…? question. I am finding that old resentments are dropping away and I feel lighter and happier. And I see how things are changing for the better for me.” ~Rose, Florida

If you want to FINALLY get quick relief from the feelings and beliefs that have been haunting you and begin to quickly feel lighter and happier and more content, then this is the program for you.

Because simplistic “positive thinking” just won’t cut it. You can’t create the happiness you truly want until you clear out what’s holding you back. So THAT’s where we begin.

Remember—that’s not just some textbook theory. It’s based on years of professional experience and my own very personal experience with this system that basically SAVED MY LIFE.

YOU are the ONE you’ve been waiting for, and NOW is your time. Let me show you the way!

“Thank you for showing me how life could be if I wanted it to be.” Bonnie, New Jersey

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Access to the ‘What If YOU Heal the World?’ movie I created to remind you of the power of your thoughts to shape your reality positively and transform the world around you. Value $25

Beautiful mind-expanding WHAT IF…? Screensaver taken from my WHAT IF…? books to inspire you at work and at home with gorgeous nature photos and spiritually provocative Quantum Questions. Value $25

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Jan Masters, The Everyday Joy Coach

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